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Seascapes Spot the Difference Game

Another unique spot the difference game for our website developed by us. Play seascapes and find the difference in 5 beautiful seascape scenes.

This game will test your powers of observation with a time limit to make your task that little bit harder. 5 scenes with 5 differences to find, so work hard and quickly to win the game.


Seascapes Spot the Difference Game

This is the first spot the difference game release for game developer Hypergurl. Being quite clever, Hypergurl also took the photographs used within the game. How do I know this? Because I was with her at the time.

The images used were taken along the Australian coast. Some on tropical islands of the fabulous Whitsundays, a paradise indeed.

Seascapes spot the difference game consists of 5 scenes with 5 differences in each scene. It is your aim to find these differences within a given time limit. Fail to find them and it's back to the start to try again.

Each scene is randomly generated, so each time you replay a scene there will be different items in different places to spot. Keeps interest when restarting after running out of time. There are 5 hints given within the game. Use one per scene or use them all, it is entirely up to you.

You are scored on how fast you can spot the differences. Can you beat your best score?

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Seascapes Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Find the differences in 5 seascapes scenes
  • There are 5 differences to find in each scene
  • You are given 5 hints to use if you are running out of time
  • Spot the differences within the time limit to earn points
  • Scenes are randomly generated. If you go back to the start, there will be new differences to each scene
  • Clear all the scenes in record time and try to beat your best score