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Gold Rush Spot the Difference Game

Be transported back in time on old steam trains and stage coach to the goldfields of central Victoria. Many trudged to the gold fields to find their fortune but alas many only found misery while others became millionairs.

Gold Rush is a difficult spot the difference game where you will need a keen eye to win. Find your own pot of gold in this online spot the difference game, Gold Rush. Play online spot the difference game, Gold Rush.


Gold Rush Spot the Difference Game

Within all of us is the dream to find a lucky strike and become rich beyond our wildest dreams. This spot the difference game takes us back in time to the gold rush days, where men travelled to exotic places to find their fame and fortune.

Gold Rush game uses a set of unique images to take you into the goldfields, searching for differences on stream trains, in saloons and by the river where panning for gold could make someone instantly rich. Can you find all the differences in time to make you a winner?

There are 5 images, each with 5 differences to find. You can score greater points for finding the differences as quickly as you can. It's not easy as this game has been toughened up with cleverly disguised differences. The good news is that you have 5 hints, but don't use them all too quickly as they do not recharge.

The differences in each image are randomly generated, if you run out of time you restart the game and must find differences in different places, just to make it interesting.

Gold Rush is another great spot the difference game from developer Hypergurl. Please wait while game loads. This could take a minute or so...

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Gold Rush Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • All movement is by mouse pointer
  • Find 5 differences in each image before the time meter depletes
  • There are 5 hints available
  • Hints do not recharge when used
  • For difficult differences look for a little smudge mark which can indicate that something was deleted from the photograph

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