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Day At The Beach Spot The Difference Game

Enjoy A Day At The Beach Online Game

Enjoy a day at the beach online and find the differences between photos. Beautiful beach images make this online game an enjoyable search and find puzzle. It's not all easy, yet it's the hunt that counts. Beat the clock and amass a large score.

Can you beat your best time? Play Day at the Beach spot the difference puzzle game online.


Play Day At The Beach Spot the Difference Game

Who doesn't enjoy a day at the beach, swimming, soaking up the sun and enjoying your friends company. Now you can enjoy a day at the beach online and play this latest Spot the Difference Game totally free. You don't even get sand kicked in your face.

Day at the Beach Spot the Difference game is a new release for game developer Hypergurl and is exclusive to us here at Most of the images have been taken in The Whitsundays region of Queensland, Australia. A real tropical paradise.

Within the game there are 5 scenes with 5 differences to find within the allotted time allowance. Some are easy to spot, some are quite difficult. The differences are randomly generated so if you run out of time before spotting all the differences, you can replay the scene and differences will be in different places.

Day at the Beach spot the difference game does stretch the brain, and give it a good workout. This is particularly good fun for kids and older folk, where keeping the brain active is important. There are reports stating online games are helping develop good motor skills in children and prolonging the life expectancy of the elderly at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in aged care facilities.

We here know that online games such as Spot the Difference are fabulous to play and a game such as Day at the Beach will be awesome on a rainy day or anytime.

Please wait for the game to load and enjoy playing Day at the Beach online.

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Day at the Beach Game Hints Tips

  • There are 5 scenes with 5 differences to each scene
  • When you find and click on a difference, that difference will be circled
  • You must find all 5 differences before the time gauge runs out
  • There are 5 hints at the top of the screen. Use them wisely
  • If you use all the hints they do not renew
  • You score greater points when you spot the differences fast