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What's in our site? Games, Unique Jigsaws Puzzles and Spot the Difference Games.

This page will show you the way to the individual game folders within our web site. It's just a simple site map to help navigation. All web sites should have one as it not only assists the visitor, a site map is vital for search engine functioning. Find your way to all our game pages easily.


Site Map

Links to all folders within the website.

Please note that all jigsaw puzzles and spot the difference games are unique and developed by Itexpressions and Photographs used in both game genres are our own images and game code was developed by Hypergurl.

We are currently developing games for iPhone apps and will list them as they become available.

Action Games
Fast paced action games such as Hit Bush with Shoe. Enjoyment plus.

Dress Up Games
Primarily for the girls. Dress up games test your fashion skills.

Shooting Games
It takes a steady hand and keen eye to win in these games. Shooting is safe when played online.

Fighting Games
Play boxing, judo and ninja games online and the classic Street Fighter.

Hidden Object Games
Perhaps the best game genre of all, Hidden Object games test your observation abilities.

Simulation Games
Sim games are popular because they are fast, furious and full of fun. Great titles in this lot.

Kids Games
More for the younger brigade to learn good motor skills and educate.

Puzzle Games
Match 3 tile games and baffling puzzles to solve. Great selection with some absolute puzzle classics.

Match 3 Games
There are many match 3 puzzlers online so it is obvious they need their own folder.

Mahjong Games
Great puzzles with an oriental twist. Mahjong games really entertain.

Online Tycoon Games
Build empires and amass fortunes. To become a tycoon you have to start somewhere in life so why not online?

Tower Defense Games
Strategy plus. We have the best collection of Tower Defence Games in one place.

Time Management Games
Learn how to manage your time in fun games such as Diner Dash and other classics. New titles added regularly.

Sports Games
Play basketball, golf and many other popular sports online.

Strategy Games
Test your abilities to plan ahead and strategically position elements to conquer problems.

Racing Games
All the fun of fast and furious racing. Play racing games online.

Dirt Bike Games
Popular bike games with dirt bikes, BMX bikes and powerful motorbikes.

Card Games
Solitaire and other card games are always popular and always entertaining.

Online Mac Games
Some online games are not Mac friendly. Our selection can be played on all Macs.

Spot the Difference Games
Our own creations so they certainly are unique. You won't find these Spot the Difference games anywhere else online!

Jigsaw Puzzles
Another game catagory that is developed entirely by us. We use our own images which are unique. Solve these jigsaws and be rewarded with some of the best locations in the world.