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Online hidden object game Mystery Masterpiece The Moonstone. Play as famous detective searching for clues to find stolen moonstone and unmask thief. Mystery Masterpiece The Moonstone online game is a fabulous object hunt which can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac users.

Short online version suitable for evaluation purposes only. The let down is that the online game scree is small making objects difficult to see. You will see that this is one of the better hidden object games around and while short, is very enjoyable.


This is a fairly good online hidden object game, yet it is so much better in the full size. When you play Mystery Masterpiece The Moonstone online, you only get one chapter that has 4 scenes to explore, yet because of the size of the frame, you really have to search hard to find the objects in the list.

If you like a story with your hidden object search, Mystery Masterpiece The Moonstone has a nice tale behind why the moonstone is so valuable.

Taken as plunder when India fell to the English in 1799, 50 years later The Moonstone is stolen from the person who now considers it their own.

You do find and use several tools within the game to open chests, work with jigsaw type puzzles and other objects may hold clues to solve puzzles.

Mystery Masterpiece The Moonstone is quite long if you have the full version and certainly a good challenge for all the hidden object game fans, which there are many among us. You do have to clear some of the objects from the list and more will be added for you to find. You cannot select those that are added until you make room on the list first.

You don't get penalized for random clicking and Mystery Masterpiece The Moonstone has a good hint system which quickly recharges after use.

Mystery Masterpiece The Moonstone is a short game if you play online, but the full version is great. Our suggestion: Play online first and see if you would enjoy more game time.