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Time management Mac game where you must repair roads, build dwellings and collect rescourses to impress a beautiful Princess. Game difficulty builds as each level is completed. And the time element doesn't give you much leeway. You will need to quickly complete each set task before the timer runs down.

Great to play on a Mac and a good game for all ages and skill levels. Play My kingdom For A Princess 2 for both Mac and Windows online.


Screen shot image of typical game scene for My Kingdom for a Princess Mac Game.This is a fairly high paced time management game where you must collect resources, construct buildings that will automate certain duties, such as catching fish for food and repair roads.

You must complete each given task quickly so that you can make your way through to the Kingdoms castle and do the bidding of your Princess.

Don't be fooled into thinking that this is an easy game, just because the first few levels of My Kingdom For A Princess 2 is fairly simple to complete. It does get harder and more complex to finish the tasks within the time limit from about level five onwards.

You can play this game resonably well online below or click the download button for the full game download. It does play good on a Mac and looks great on a large monitor.

As a time management game, this is right up there with the best as there is always plenty of action yet it isn't that difficult where only the most organized of players can complete the levels before running out of time.

My Kingdom For A Princess is a good game and one that will keep all Mac users happy as there is quite a challenge to finish all levels.