Lamp of Aladdin Puzzle Game

Lamp of Aladdin is mix of hidden object play and match 3 tiles game. Looks good on Macs and suitable as an online game, Lamp of Aladdin is colorful adventure with a love story attached. Play Lamps of Aladdin online and solve the marriage puzzle of a young man in love.

I think it's great to weave a love story into a puzzle game. Gives a little extra to the overall enjoyment if there is some outcome at the end of the game. The game starts with you putting objects together to find a genie lamp. From there you mainly play matching puzzle games where you clear a path through the kingdom. Lamp of Aladdin will keep you occupied for quite some time, and that is just the free version. Excellent.


Lamp of Aladdin screen shot image.Lamp of Aladdin doesn't bring anything ground breaking new to this tried and tested game genre, but it is quite an enjoyable game and being free to play online, more than affordable.

Not the worst game out there and certainly a good online game to while away some stress releasing minutes to the day.

Lamp of Aladdin takes you on an adventure with your very own Genie, and who wouldn't like one of those hidden in an old lamp somewhere in the attic.

Lamp of Aladdin starts off with an easy to solve hidden object scene where you must find and put together a few instruments that will allow you to open a chest and find a magical lamp. After that you go into match 3 puzzle mode and play the game from there.

The story is one of young love, so once you have the genie working for you it seems odd that you have to do all the actual puzzle solving yourself. What's a genie for if he doesn't do everything for you? But a game wouldn't be a game without your input, so sit back and enjoy the usual tile swapping enjoyment.

Lamp of Aladdin is an online Mac game that also can be downloaded to play on the bigger Mac monitors or to your macBook Pro. It is an easy to medium level puzzle game, ideal for all ages. Play Lamp of Aladdin online now or download for later use for free.