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Awesome Mac games you can play online

Online Mac games are hard to find. Well they were until we came along and started embeding mac games ourselves. Now you can play these mac games below to try, then if you liked playing that particular game, download them to your own mac. So no more searching for those elusive online mac games. Bookmark this page because we will be adding many more in the near future.

We have Macs and love the games we have featured below. They play great on big screens.


Play Online Mac Games

This is our selection of awesome Mac games you can play online. Each game comes with the option where you can download free mac games to your own desktop. Within our selection there are time management games, hidden object games, in fact you will find games of all genres that we play and enjoy ourselves.

When we changed from PC's to Macs, there were a very limited number of compatible games developed for Macs. Thankfully game developers have got on board the Mac revolution and started making games for each platform.

Enjoy our selection of online Mac games below. We will add more games regularly, so bookmark the page and share it with your friends. Our suggestions are the hidden object games, which look great on my IMac. If fact all online Mac games look and play fabulously on the big monitors.

Fast paced time management game. Collect resources to repair roads and bridges and make your way to the Princess's Castle before time runs out.

Classic hidden object game now available for Mac. You assist world famous detective, Hercule Poirot, to uncover the mysterious death aboard a cruise ship on the Nile River.

You must find a lamp that contains your very own genie, then work with him to marry the beautiful Princess that you love dearly.

Hidden object game with some player interaction using tools to solve puzzles. Play as detective searching for thief who stole The Moonstone.

Play Online Mac Games

Don't forget to download free mac games to your own desktop if you have enjoyed the online games. All games look and play so much better in full size. While some games play well on a Mac online, they do need to be developed to be tweaked so that they can be downloaded and played on a Mac. Always check to make sure that download games are suitable for Macs.