Parrot Fish Jigsaw Game

Some images make great online jigsaw puzzles, some are totally awesome. This image of a Parrot Fish really stands as one of the best underwater photographs we have in our library. Hope you enjoy playing the Parrot Fish jigsaw game, just as I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful creature while snorkeling The Great Barrier Reef.

Image of Parrot Fish.Whilst you are playing our Parrot Fish Jigsaw game, here are a few facts that may be interesting.

Did you know that you can tell what sex a Parrot Fish is by it's coloring? The brightest colors depicts that the fish is male, while the female of the species is not so vivid.

The Parrot Fish used for this jigsaw game is a female. They are still very beautiful, yet males are much more colorful. Just goes to show that males of all species need every bit of help they can get when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

This jigsaw puzzle becomes really interesting as the pieces comes together. As the underwater photograph of the Parrot Fish shows, they are bright and colorful, plus the dead coral and rocks on the sea bed make an excellent background contrast.

Not difficult to solve, our Parrot Fish jigsaw game should give everyone a nice feeling of what it is like snorkeling on a fringing coral reef.


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Parrot Fish Jigsaw Game

The image used in this jigsaw puzzle was taken on the fringing reef at Lovers Cove, Daydream Island. We selected this image for a jigsaw puzzle game because firstly it is interesting, plus there is an educational side to Parrot Fish. As mentioned above, males of the species are more colorful than females. Females can turn into males, changing both their color and sex in the process.

On the sea bed you can see a lot of dead and broken coral. This is normal for coral reefs as they are living structures. Life and death is a normal cycle of nature and coral reefs live and die, just like everything on this planet.

Hope you enjoy this jigsaw game. We take our own photographs for the puzzles and develop the code for our jigsaw games, which gives us double the amount of enjoyment.