Image of lions resting in sheade.Lions Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Online jigsaw puzzle game of magnificent lions. Play lions jigsaw online for free and enjoy the challenge of successfully completing the puzzle game in your own time. Lions image is from our own photo library and was taken at the Melbourne Zoo, Australia.

Play the lions jigsaw game below and on completion of the puzzle you will see how wonderful this image looks in a larger size. This is not a difficult puzzle, yet there is a challenge which should give five to ten minutes enjoyment for the best jigsaw players.

This jigsaw puzzle image of lions was taken at the Melbourne Zoo, which is located in Parkville, about a 10 minute tram ride from the Melbourne CBD.

The lions enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo is a large grassy area which resembles an African plain, the lions natural habitat. There is an overhead bridge so that zoo visitors get the best possible view of these magnificent creatures. Feeding time is always the best time to see the "Kings of the Jungle".

We do plan to make many more jigsaw puzzles from our own library of interesting images. We try to select images that will give players some interesting facts on where the image was taken and of course have good visual appeal. We regard this jigsaw of the lions a good image which fits the purpose.

Jigsaw puzzles are straight forward and enjoyable to play. Lions are wonderful beasts, so together the game becomes totally absorbing. Click and hold the jigsaw piece to drag it to and area to drop. When you connect jigsaw pieces they will click together.

Our best game hint is to start putting the outside edges together first, then work on the middle of the puzzle until completed. Enjoy the lions jigsaw game, we regard it as one of our best images!


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