Snorkeling Knuckle Reef Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Come snorkeling the beautiful Knuckle Reef. Test your puzzle skills to complete our latest jigsaw game based on an underwater photograph taken on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Knuckle Reef jigsaw puzzle challenges your observation as there are stark contrasts between the coral reef and blue water. It's not too difficult to complete, yet challenging enough for experienced puzzle players to enjoy. Play Knuckle Reef Jigsaw Puzzle Online.

Underwater image taken at Knuckle Reef, Whitsundays.While fitting the pieces of our latest jigsaw puzzle together, imagine yourself snorkeling the warm tropical waters of The Great Barrier Reef. It's an awesome thought and a great dream for many.

Knuckle Reef is one of the most popular dive and snorkel reefs of the Great Barrier Reef and when you complete this puzzle game, it is easy to see why hundreds of people enjoy this adventure daily.

Unique to to our website, Snorkeling Knuckle Reef jigsaw puzzle is a game we have entirely developed. From the underwater photograph to the coding behind the game, it has been exclusively developed just for this website and is our latest addition to our own jigsaw game library.

Knuckle Reef is approximately 95 kilometers off the coast from the seaside resort village of Airlie Beach. Part of the great Whitsundays region, Airlie Beach is a tropical haven, popular with backpackers and especially Europeans wanting to enjoy a relatively inexpensive holiday in the sun.

Cruises to Knuckle Reef with Cruise Whitsundays depart daily and the best time to visit The Great Barrier is from April to the end of October. (And anytime in between.)

Enjoy our latest online jigsaw puzzle, Snorkeling Knuckle Reef, and come back soon as each week we will add another puzzle to the growing jigsaw library.

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