Giant Green Frog Jigsaw Game

Green Tree Frogs are cute characters that are abundant in the lush tropics of North Queensland Australia. Green frogs look good so we decided to make an online jigsaw puzzle game with a photograph of a huge Giant Tree Frog.

Just have a look at the frog's mouth. Is that a smile? This is a White Lipped Tree Frog and is just ideal for an online jigsaw puzzle game.

Green Frog Jigsaw Puzzle Image.This is our first jigsaw game using an upgraded jigsaw puzzle maker and our own images. The green frog that stars in the jigsaw puzzle is from our own backyard.

The White Lipped Tree Frog lives in the rainforest of North Queensland, Australia. They can grow to around 140mm and are also called Giant Tree Frogs because of their size.

It's easy to see why they are called Giant Tree Frogs. They are simply huge and can make themselves even bigger when they puff up because they get disturbed. Not as big as Cane Toads, but much more beautiful, the white lips make them seem to be smiling for the camera when photographed head on.

This White Lipped Tree Frog was photographed by Tanya Ann Photography and is included in her macro series.

Enjoy this Green Frog online jigsaw puzzle and come back often as we will be producing many more.

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