Elephant Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Improved and optimized elephant jigsaw puzzle, which uses photo of an Asian elephant swimming in the pool at Melbourne Zoo. This game has many facets and will give a good workout to all jigsaw puzzle fans.

The elephant jigsaw is one of our first attemps at games with the improved version, which is so much better than the original. Enjoy.

Image of elephant in waterElephants are awesome creatures and are often trained for work in some Asian countries. They seem to be gentle creatures yet are known to lose their tempers and go wild. Their size makes them particularly dangerous if they do get angry.

Here we present an Asian elephant swimming in their special pool at the Melbourne Zoo.

This particular elephant jigsaw puzzle game was made quite a few years ago, so perhaps you have seen it before. To be honest, the original jigsaw game was a cumbersome affair, where you had to download a file to run the game. Now we give it to you in a much faster format where you can play the elephant jigsaw puzzle online.

The elephant jigsaw puzzle game is just one in our series. We will add more games over the coming year from our own collection of images. Of course we will try to give you our most interesting images as jigsaw games.

By the time you will have read this introduction to our elephant jigsaw puzzle game, the game will be ready for you to solve. To play, click and hold the puzzle piece to move it into position. When you match a game piece, they will snap and lock together


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