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The Tudors were the ruling monarchs of England between 1485 and 1603. Travel the world as a spy for King Henry VIII back in time. Be enmeshed in royal scandals, intrigue, betrayal and treason. The Tudors hidden object game is an adventure into the lives of Royalty and political intrigue.



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The Tudors hidden object game screen image Based on the television series, The Tudors, this latest hidden object game from Merscom has you involved in a fabulous story of betrayal and treason as a spy for King Henry VIII.

For history buffs, King Henry VIII ruled England between 1491 and 1547. Henry the Eighth was probably best know for having six wives, two of which he had beheaded for treasonous acts, and for his role in the separation of the Church of England from the Catholic Church.

Henry the Eighth was a colorful and controversial King, loved by some, feared by others and totally detested by many. Henry VIII was the second monarch in the Tudor family royal lineage and succeeded his father Henry VII to the throne.

In this very historical hidden object game, playing as Elena Sedgraves, you will travel across England and Europe, finding clues and uncovering assassination plots and threats against the British throne.

There are political conspiracies afoot and the enemies of Henry VIII are gathering strength to bring his rule to an end. You must use all your logic abilities and sniff out the cunning plots so that England, and our dear Henry, are kept safe.

The Tudors Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • There are 18 chapters with each having a mini game.
  • Each chapter contains several hidden object scenes, a mini game and interactive elements to solve before progressing to the next chapter.
  • While hints are unlimited you must wait for the hint meter to charge.
  • The hint system will more than adequately guide you through the game if you have trouble but there is a complete walk though at BFG for those experiencing greater difficulty.