The Sultan's Labyrinth hidden object puzzle game logo image The Sultan's Labyrinth Online Hidden Object Game

Play The Sultans Labyrinth online. Enjoy a magic carpet ride into the realm of great Sultans of ancient Persia. Are you the prince that the Sultan seeks so his daughter may wed an exceptional man?

Match objects, seek and find items and solve baffling puzzles andyou may be the one to win the hand of the Sultans daughter.



Play The Sultan's Labyrinth Online

This is a wonderful adventure in ancient Persia, where a powerful Sultan needs to find a Prince among all men who will prove to be upstanding enough to wed his beautiful daughter and eventually take his throne. Each prince must demonstrate his wisdom by solving puzzles within the Sultan`s Labyrinth.

The Sultan's Labyrinth hidden object puzzle game screen shot image combo The Sultan's Labyrinth is a mixture of hidden object games, match the object puzzles, spot the difference images and various mind teasers that are entwined into this wonderful romantic story.

You are hereby challenged to help find the Prince, who will capture the heart of the young maid and rule over the ancient lands when the great Sultan Bahar retires.

Without going into great detail as we have limited space, there are a host of puzzles to solve within the game that will keep you engrossed for many, many hours.

The Sultan's Labyrinth Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You need to inspect many things in detail to collect artifacts and solve puzzles
  • When in a room that you need to find a way out, click on everything to see if you can pick it up. For example one room has you finding and replacing missing objects and then you must take the flaming torch and light the fire in the fireplace.
  • We will add more hints as we play this game, please check back later for updates.
  • Fairytale hidden object game
  • Match items to shapes
  • Find the Prince destined to become the next Sultan!