The Stone of Destiny hidden object game logo image The Stone of Destiny Hidden Object Game

Play The Stone of Destiny online and enjoy finding hidden objects, solving puzzles and traveling to exotic locations around the world. Solve the mystery of your uncle's disappearance and uncover The Stone of Destiny. This fabulous seek and find game is totally free to play online, no downloading, no registration, no sign up.



The Stone of Destiny Hidden Object Game

The Stone of Destiny has been a favorite hidden object game for sometime and now you can enjoy this mystery thriller completely free online. Nothing to download, no sign-up, just play The Stone of Destiny online below in your own browser.

The Stone of Destiny screen shot image The story line is that your uncle has mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind some clues which you must use to solve the crime and unlock The Stone of Destiny.

While there is nothing particularly new in The Stone of Destiny game, and let's face it, hidden object games are all much the same, this outing is quite a good story with a few puzzles thrown into the mix for good measure.

The Stone of Destiny as a seek and find game is right up there with the best. It keeps you interested in the story while introducing great graphical delights of ancient ruins, jungle scenes and some interesting annoyances like flies buzzing around your head.

Play The Stone of Destiny online for free below and enjoy this wonderful mystery thriller that is almost right from the pages of a best selling novel.

The Stone of Destiny Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • If you get stuck finding an object use the hint feature
  • A halo of light will surround the hard to find object so you can select it
  • Hints are unlimited but do take time to regenerate
  • Click on objects with your mouse to add them to your inventory