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Play Steve The Sheriff online and search for hidden objects underwater in the town of Neptuneville. In a SpongeBob Squarepants type underwater world, you become Steve The Sheriff and track down a gang of robbing thieves, who have turned the usually peaceful and somewhat sleepy town of Neptuneville upside down in a series of break-ins.



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Journey to Neptuneville and help Steve The Sheriff solve a series of baffling robberies in this latest HOG adventure under the sea.

Steve The Sheriff Hidden Object Game screen shot imageThis is quite a good interactive hidden object game with mini games that are cleverly devised to fit into the story line well. Spot the difference games are logically developed and you see a scene before and after a robbery has taken place. Some are quite easy to solve while others are a little more imaginative, but overall they fit the story line and make the game that little bit more interactive to play.

The objects in Steve The Sheriff are relevant to the theme, with some being large enough to easily see while others are cleverly covered, yet still not too hard as to make them impossible to find. Graphics are colorful and well drawn and the entire package is not too long where you will get totally bored, yet long enough to get your moneys worth out of the game.

Find items in 15 building locations, each with multiple rooms to scour, and bring the thieves to justice. Steve The Sheriff is fun to play and enjoyable with good interactive problem solving scenes mixed with straight out hidden object finding in 2 game modes of timed and relaxed playing options.

Play Steve The Sheriff free, no download now by clicking the button below and you will see that while this game doesn't deliver anything startlingly new, it is fresh and very entertaining. Thumbs up and kudos to the game developers for a grand effort with the first installment of Steve The Sheriff. We look forward to more in the coming series of Steve The Sheriff games.

Steve The Sheriff Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Whenever you are in a scene and the magnifying glass turns a dark blue, gets larger and spins, this means you will need to use an inventory item in that spot.
  • To use an inventory item, first click on the knob on the inventory drawer, just below the Find List, then the drawer will open. Once you click on the item you want to use it will then be attached to your cursor. When you want to use the inventory item, make sure you get to the exact location where the magnifying glass is spinning, or the item will not be used correctly. Once the magnifying glass is spinning in the right location, click your mouse again and the inventory item will be used.
  • To open the wall safe in the Police Station, use the broom to sweep up the pile of trash under the desk and you will find the hidden key.