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Play Rome Curse of the Necklace online for free. Great 360 degree hidden object game, Rome Curse of the Necklace is one of the most popular hidden object games of all. Find clues to find out why one of the most precious artifacts on earth is cursed.



Rome Curse of the Necklace screen shot image Play Rome Curse of the Necklace Online

Rome Curse of the Necklace is a fabulous 360 degree panorama of ancient Rome tourist attractions, where you need to find some unlikely hidden objects in an allotted time limit.

The 360 degree effect is really amazing and adds just the right visual effect to what really is a great game anyhow. As a fan of hidden object games, Rome Curse of the Necklace is sure to become a treasured favorite in my game chest.

Seek and find hidden objects, discarded toys, rubbish and artifacts that will help you solve a puzzle as to why a beautiful necklace is cursed. Play online free, grab the free download for your PC or get the full version. You will love Rome Curse of the Necklace.

Rome: Curse of the Necklace Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • In between scenes, you have to complete a mini-game, which may be a jigsaw puzzle, card game, spot the difference, word search or object-find by silhouette.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the playing board first
  • Rotate the screen and find the objects on the ground first
  • Don't waste time as you will run out if you are too slow
  • When you scroll up to search the next rung, choose a spot on the board but don't go too high and miss a part
  • Hold your left mouse button down when scrolling to rotate the screen in a continuous motion