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Based on an Al Pacino movie this hidden object game takes you into the world of CSI crime fighters to find clues to a serial murderer. You play as Erica Dean, who is helping to hunt for a New York serial killer. Because this is a game based on the movie, it may be that it is being used more as a promotion tool for the movie, than a full blown casual game.



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While Righteous Kill doesn't introduce anything new to the hidden object genre, with the usual mix of finding objects, piecing puzzles together and detective theme mini games, you have over a thousand objects to find in 16 different New York locations with 15 levels of game play.

Righteous Kill Screen Shot Image During the free trial there were a few glitches and basically it was a little disappointing, but the full game played smooth, no glitches and objects were named right. The overall game play was so much better and the game itself was very enjoyable.

Hidden Objects fans and perhaps newbies to the genre will probably enjoy Righteous Kill to the max, while some may want a little more from a game where the developers really could have gone deeper into the suspense side of the story and made a huge classic.

Whatever the thought behind the game, it still gets a 4 from 5 rating here, as it does deliver good hidden object play and keeps a relative experience gamer occupied for quite a few hours. Righteous Kill is enjoyable, not too difficult, with believable graphics and strong story theme, and that is what casual games are all about.

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