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Explore uncharted island, search for Captain Walsh. After an adventurous voyage, Captain Walsh and his crew have lost their way on a deserted island. Scour the mysterious island for clues to find and save the missing Captain Walsh. Awesome hidden object game in the classic junk yard style now available online.



Play Rescue at Rajini Island Online

This latest hidden object adventure is quite well developed yet possibly one for the not so experienced HOG fan. A little on the easy side and a short adventure for the experienced player, nevertheless, Rescue at Rajini Island will prove addictive to those seeking an enjoyable few hours of seek and find game play with colorful graphics and soothing music.

Rescue at Rajini Island screen shot image The search for 20 hidden objects in each location scene is broken up with mini games that are not overly difficult to solve, yet are perplexing enough to take a brief respite from the main game.

This adds value to Rescue at Rajini Island and tacks a bit more time on to the whole adventure, as you scour the mysterious island for clues to find and save the missing Captain Walsh.

To be totally honest, Rescue at Rajini Island is a really good hidden object game for the beginner HOG player. Very experienced players will get bored after about five minutes and go back to the classics, such as Hidden Expedition Sydney or any of the Mystery Case Files games.

Best option for anyone wanting to try this is to download the Rescue at Rajini Island free download and play the trial version. Some will find the game addictive, being not so hard with interesting mini puzzle games, spot the difference scenes and good graphics. There have been many worse hidden object games than Rescue at Rajini Island released in the last year, so give this a try and make your own mind up about this well produced hidden object effort.

Rescue at Rajini Island Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • There are ample hints available within the game and random clicking doesn't penalize too much
  • The Marble Puzzle is best solved by starting at the third hole on the left, then working down and across to the right, back to the left and so on, working up the puzzle maze.
  • In the Transport Women puzzle you can drag squares out of the puzzle box to allow you room to move squares within the puzzle box.