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Mystery Case Files Huntsville

Play Mystery Case Files Huntsville online for free, no download required. You need to solve many different crimes and find who is responsible for a crime wave sweeping through town. The good people of Huntsville are relying on your skills as a top sleuth to return their town to normality is this fascination online hidden object game.



Mystery Case Files Huntsville Game Review

If your looking for a challenging test of skill and spacial ability, Mystery Case Files Huntsville will certainly put your deduction senses through their paces.

Mystery Case Files Huntsville screen shot image The story takes up the challenge of solving a crime spree that has hit the town of Huntsville. It has the police completely baffled and it is up to you and your expertise to seek and find clues that will point to the perpetrator.

As a hidden object game the graphics and story can't be faulted. Music is well done and the clues are not too simple to find. There are match tile swapping mini games, with 15 different cases to solve in more than 20 locations, so you are in for quite a few hours of enjoyment.

The only gripe I have about the game is once you have solved all the crimes, Mystery Case Files Huntsville has lost it's playability factor and will probably be doomed to be buried on your hard drive somewhere forever.

This is a shame because if you could play it again with some slight different variations it would be elevated to the "great game" status.

Having said all that, you can play Mystery Case Files Huntsville totally free here in your browser, download the free trial or go the whole hog and buy the full version. It is a very good hidden object game and well worth spending a few hours trying to catch a thief.

Mystery Case Files Huntsville Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Try to find all the clues in each location before going on.
  • If you get stuck move on quickly, you can always go back later.
  • Save your hints until you have explored all of the locations. Then use your saved hints to quickly find the difficult clues and crack the mystery case file at Huntsville!