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Follow the election trail of world famous mystery writer, Miss Teri Tale. Help Miss Teri tale get elected as Peeking Town Mayor. Follow her Vote 4 Me campaign and dig into the voting preferences of the towns populace so you can help shape the election strategy. Awesome hidden object game that is now available to play online, no download or registration.



Play Miss Teri Tale Vote 4 Me Online

Remember Miss Teri Tale, Where's Jason? This latest hidden object game follows the same heroine, Miss Teri Tale, the renown mystery writer, and takes a good step forward in production values, graphics and smart game play.

Miss Teri Tale Vote 4 Me  screen shot image Miss Teri Tale Vote 4 Me is a journey into the political madness of an aspiring town mayor. The town is called Peeking Town, and yes you get to peek into the local inhabitants lives and find out their voting preferences.

Now I don't know if this action is somewhat illegal or not, but knowing how they are likely to vote may get Miss Teri Tale elected.

While Miss Teri Tale Vote 4 Me follows the usual hidden object, seek and find way of playing. You also get involved and interact within the game by selecting the clothes your character will wear, along with other interactive moves such as pulling curtains back to reveal more of the picture and running a clean election campaign, if there is such a thing.

Miss Teri Tale Vote 4 Me introduces some unique mini games not seen before in HOGs, that are actually fun to play and solve.

Graphics are superb and the game story keeps you working hard toward the plot.

Miss Teri Tale Vote 4 Me Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Explore Peeking Town and find out everyone's voting preferences
  • Loads of new mini games
  • Mysterious new characters
  • Play politics in Peeking Town!
  • Play Miss Teri Tale Vote 4 Me Online