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Solve the mystery of Margrave Manor, a missing ship and hidden treasure, with riches beyond your imagination. Your grandfather set out to search for the legendary "Neptune's Gold". You, as Edwina Margrave, must search for clues to solve the mystery after the ship miraculously re-appears after more than 10 years lost at sea.



Play Margrave Manor 2 The Lost Ship Online

HOG fans are in for a treat with Margrave Manor 2. The Lost Ship, as it is certainly a hidden object game that catches the imagination and satisfies the lust for adventure. Margrave Manor 2. The Lost Ship has dual mode game play, with story mode containing mini puzzle games, or for the purist "free play mode", with just hidden object scenes, ideal for those wanting to skip the puzzles.

Margrave Manor 2. The Lost Ship game image For those of you who liked the first Margrave Manor, you are really going to enjoy this latest in the series. Margrave Manor 2. The Lost Ship has 5 chapters with over 150 hidden object levels to explore, plus multiple mini games per chapter.

Another added bonus is each time you play a scene in Margrave Manor 2. The Lost Ship, you will have different objects to find, so there is the replay value, so important in casual games of today. We call that value for money.

The story behind the game takes you, as Edwina Margrave, in search of answers to your grandfathers disappearance aboard his ship, the Aurora Dusk. Your grandfather set out to search for the legendary "Neptune's Gold" and was never heard from again.

Mysteriously, the ship has reappeared after being lost for a decade, and only Edwina has the ability, and talent, to solve this complex and perplexing puzzle.

The graphics are fairly good, but it is the game play that we are all interested in. There are 2 hints available in each scene with an extra hint added every 3 minutes. There are no penalties for using hints and also no penalty for indiscriminate clicking, except that this reduces your accuracy percentage.

You collect an inventory of objects and you use these objects to open items, such as keys into a lock, etc.

Mini games consist of spot the difference, logic and math puzzles, sequencing puzzles and jigsaw type picture puzzles. You don't earn points for finding objects but are ranked from an A through to F, or lower, based on the time taken to find the required objects and solve the puzzles.

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Margrave Manor 2. The Lost Ship Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • There is no penalty for random clicking but it will lower your accuracy rate.
  • You start the game looking for a key to the old lighthouse. Once you find that it will be added to your inventory. (The key is on the window sill.)
  • You click the key and it is placed in your inventory. You then click and drag the key to the lock on the door. This opens the lighthouse door.
  • Once inside the lighthouse you must find the light switch to brighten the scene.
  • There are several items to find in each scene. However, the items will only be revealed a few at a time. Once you find one item, another one will appear on the list.
  • If you exit a scene before completion, when you re-enter, the scene will be the same but the items will be placed in different areas.