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Play Lucky Clovers online game, find 4 leaf clovers in a field and get the luck of the Irish. Free online hidden object game, enjoy the puzzling hunt for lucky 4 leaf clovers.



Lucky Clovers Hidden Object Game Review

Lucky Clovers screen shot I have always stated that until I can make a flash game that earns me over a million dollars in sales, I will never, never ever, say that someone else's game sucks. Well I am not going to start now either.

Lucky Clovers is a hidden object game where the object in this case is a group of 4 leaf clovers, you know the ones that the Irish say have almost magical powers and will give you luck. You have to find seven lucky 4 leaf clovers in a field to win.

Now I put this game into the hidden objects games folder because man are those clovers hidden. Run your mouse over them and they stand out a bit but you almost go bonkers trying to find the 4 leaf clover.

Perhaps I'm not lucky, or not Irish, but Lucky Clovers can send you looney in no time flat.


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Lucky Clovers Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Run your mouse over the clover field in a grid like sequence to spot the 4 leaf clovers
  • Collect 7 lucky clovers to win
  • If you click on too many leafs that are not 4 leaf clovers you will lose