Hidden Expedition Titanic game logo imageHidden Expedition Titanic Hidden Object Game

Play Hidden Expedition Titanic online for free, no download. Enjoy the classic seek and find game play searching the underwater Titanic shipwreck for hidden objects, artifacts and valuable jewels. One of the best free hidden object games around, you must find hundreds of objects in order to find the real prize, the Crown Jewels, before time runs out. Play Hidden Expedition Titanic online. It's awesome!



Play Hidden Expedition Titanic Hidden Object GameOnline No Download

The Titanic is probably the most famous sea disaster to occur in history, with many books and movies telling the story of the fateful maiden voyage of the Titanic, which hit an iceberg and sunk on 14th April 1912. Now there is a hidden object game you can play online for free, or download a free trial to play on your PC.

Hidden Expedition Titanic sreen image You have discovered the sunken Titanic at the bottom of the ocean and must go on a fabulous scavenger hunt to collect valuables and artifacts that will lead you to the whereabouts of the ultimate prize. Can you find the Crown Jewels before others snatch them away from you?

Hidden Expedition Titanic is a typical seek and find puzzle thriller set in over 17 different locations with literally hundreds of objects to find, fabulous mini games to solve and excellent graphics. Objects are cleverly concealed but not that difficult that you won't find them if you have a good eye for detail.

An excellent game, Hidden Expedition Titanic is a must play for any serious gamer. Play Hidden Expedition Titanic free online or download a copy to your PC to play offline. This is good so don't miss it.

Hidden Expedition Titanic Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Hidden Expedition is filled with tricky word clues with multiple meanings. A word like 'pipe' might mean a lead water pipe or it might mean a pipe for smoking. A 'spade' is sometimes a shovel and sometimes a playing card.
  • Many items are hidden partially off the edge of the screen. You might only see a section of the item you are searching for. This seems to be more common on the left edge of the screen, but does happen on both sides.
  • If there's a window in the room, there could be an object located outside the window.
  • Watch for oxygen tanks in each level which give a bonus extra minute of air.
  • When playing mini games, scroll through the list of pieces on the side before you start.
  • Sometimes the easy pieces that make the whole thing fall into place are buried further down the stack.