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Big City Adventure Sydney Online Hidden Object Game

Enjoy finding hidden objects around the city of Sydney Australia in more than 26 locations. There are over 70 levels to pass, 76 challenging mini games and beautiful life like graphics of actual locations. Play Big City Adventure Sydney online free and enjoy the challenge of hidden object fun in the land down under.



Big City Adventure Sydney Game Review

At last a game where I can share my Sydney travel photos with all. For someone who has had the opportunity to visit Sydney on more than one occasion, Big City Adventure Sydney hidden object game is a wonderful trip down under.

Sydney is one of the major cities of the world and for the tourist, a safe and fabulous place where you can visit iconic places, have breathtaking views and see some unique Australian animals, all within walking distance to the best shopping in Sydney.

View across Sydney Harbour from Sydney Zoo. Take a look at the views in this photograph from the Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney. (Click the image for a larger view)

Now the game, Big City Adventure Sydney Australia, is a typical hidden object game where you will learn facts about Sydney and find hidden objects all over town. It's like a virtual guided tour with a game combined and really is something of a must have.

Play Big City Adventure Sydney online below. Get the free trial download of Big City Adventure Sydney Australia and take a walk around Sydney yourself. Who knows, you may want to buy a ticket and go see Sydney yourself after playing this fabulous online hidden object game.

Play Big City Adventure Sydney Online Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • There is a "quick continue" option which you can use to bypass all the animation at the end of each round.
  • Try to win "skip" coins in the mini-games so you can bypass any of the mini games that prove too hard or time wasting.

Image of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House fro back of Sydney Ferry

The image above was taken from a Sydney Ferry and shows the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Sydney Opera House in the background. These 2 features are probably the most visited tourist attractions in Sydney and feature when you play Big City Adventure Sydney online. There are guided tours of both attractions with a bridge climb being the most popular activity in Sydney.

The views from the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge are breathtaking. You can see why the developers of Big City Adventure Sydney hidden object game used the city in their program..