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Wild Wild West online shooting game takes you into a frontier town full of gunslingers, bad guys and wild indians. Take careful aim, reload quickly and shoot them all before they shoot you.

Wild West is a classic online shooting game with no download required. Shoot the bad dudes but don't shoot the ladies of the town. This is good fun and it's free, so why not play Wild West online now!


Play Wild West Shooting Game Online

Image of Wild West game play screenIf you are a straight shooter, our town needs you. The town has been taken over by the orneriest bunch of bad hombres, gunslingers and thieves the wild west has ever seen.

We need a new sheriff who can shoot straight and true to clean up the town. Is this you?

Classic shooting game where your skill takes you to the top. Shoot the baddies as they appear but don't shoot the good folks of this town.

Wild Wild West online game has several playing levels and difficulty levels, so there is a good range to keep you playing online for sometime. Fast loading flash game, with good graphics.

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How to play Wild West Shooter:

  • Use your mouse to aim, left click to fire.
  • Drag the extra bullets into the empty chamber to reload and your ready to shoot again.

Game hints & tips:

  • Be ready to reload when you have fired 6 shots.
  • Hit each baddie as quick as you can before they wound you.
  • When the jumper appears, wait until he stops jumping so your accuracy is better.