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Play Westward online, wild west sim game. Build a thriving frontier town from the dust. Life in a frontier town can be either pleasure or pain, depending on who is looking after the town. It is your job to make sure the town is safe so that it will grow into a solid community.

Play Westward online. It's another awesome game!


Westward Online Sim Game

Westward Screen image The wild west was certainly a rough and tumble place to be, but it's your job to start a new settlement out in the harsh desert and make it into a thriving community.

Collect wood, mine gold, harvest food and construct buildings, this is a fabulous sim game that will keep you at it for hours.

It's up to you to manage resources to build the frontier town of Westward. You need to attract new settlers while making sure the handful of original inhabitants prosper in the harsh terrain.

Eventually you will build saloons, a general store, fight bandits and even hire a gunslinger or two to keep the town safe.

Download Westward and enjoy the thrill of putting the pieces of the puzzle together to grow a town in the wild west. A task some find hard and are not made of the right stuff to succeed.

We know you have the brains and grit to make Westward a thriving, peaceful community. It's your turn to face the dangers of the Wild Wild West!

Westward Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Buy your gunslingers and deputies from the base camp until you build a saloon. Keep buying them until you out number the enemy.
  • To get water for gunslingers, you need to build wells to raise the water level.
  • To get the sheriff and 4 deputies to go to the next task, click in the exclamation mark on the person next to the station.
  • Trading Posts are very useful. They are very handy on maps with few resources and you can buy food during a time of drought or famine.
  • Try not to go just for gunslingers or deputies. A mix of the two is more effective
  • Make sure you explore as much of the map as possible. You may find resources that will be more than useful.
  • Strive to build advanced buildings for your towns as they will attract more gold
  • Each farm can support about 10 people.
  • Play Westward Online No Download.