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Virtual VillagesA New Home is fun filled simulation puzzle game where you help your villages build a new home on a mysterious island. This is a real time game so when you are away from the computer your villagers continue the work you have allocated.

Retrain, rebuild and allow your new land to prosper in this awesome real time sim game where you manage every inhabitants life.


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Virtual Villagers A New Home is a fabulous real time simulation game where you guide the villagers in learning how to survive in a new land.

Virtual Villagers Game Scenario:

The villagers have fled their island after a volcanic eruption and are stranded on mysterious and hostile shores. They need your help to retrain and rebuild their village in a new land.

It is your task to teach your villages how to farm, erect buildings, learn new skills and raise families. Only you can give them a new beginning on a strange and mysterious island.

Help them explore and restore their new home. As your village grows and prospers, your villagers become curious about their mysterious new island home and the secrets it holds. Play Virtual Villagers now and enjoy the challenge that awaits you on your quest.

Virtual Villagers Game Hints & Tips:

  • Don't let the food run out. Berries are good food sources but you must find other sources of berries before the existing supply is gone
  • you have to teach villagers new skills. If you want a builder, get him to repair a hut first in order for him to learn to become a builder
  • Make sure you have enough huts before getting your villagers to breed
  • Remember when a mother has a baby she will not perform any tasks for 2 game years, as she tends the baby full time
  • Each baby consumes as much food as adult villagers. Plan your population growth carefully
  • If sick villagers don't get healed by one doctor, take them to another doctor for a second opinion
  • As you explore the island with your villagers, watch them for clues that can be used in later levels.
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