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Urban Sniper is a very popular shooting game where you undertake missions to complete "jobs". You need to be totally professional or the "Mr. Bigs" will put out a contract on you. Take steady aim and get the jobs done without any trouble or else.

If this simple game hasn't got a cult following, it should. Play Urban Sniper online and make a lot of money and maybe just try to survive.


Play Urban Sniper Online Shooting Game

Urban Sniper Screen Image. Urban Sniper game is right up in the top 10 most popular online games and once you start playing you will understand why. It's not easy and there lies the reason why people like to play Urban Sniper again and again.

You need to shoot objects, animals and a few human animals too, but it's all fun so tell your mothers not to worry. You may need a few games to pick up the speed and accuracy counts, so be patient and you will soon be racking up huge Urban Sniper scores.

This is one game you really will want to play again and again so bookmark this page now so you can come back often.

You get a mission to complete sent via e-mail from one of the heavies in town. You only have a limited supply of bullets so aim straight and shoot true.

Click "New Game" to start. Click the computer screen to read your mail and find out your mission and and if you accept the challenge have fun. If you fail your mission return to the start and replay. Fantastic!

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Urban Sniper Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Game hints are shown on the pane on the lower left side.
  • Read your e-mail carefully to understand the mission
  • You can destroy some vehicles by hitting their fuel tanks.
  • Try to be as accurate as possible as your score is higher as your accuracy improves.
  • In the first game be patient. Follow Carlos until he starts talking to the dude in the car. Shoot the cars fuel tank and eliminate both targets in one shot.