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Up for one of the most challenging online golf games ever invented? You won't be able to say that this game is easy as there are some of the toughest holes in golf on this layout.

Play Tiger Golf online free. Tiger golf is a challenging flash game where you play golf as a tiger. No, not that tiger, a real computer generated tiger.


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Tiger Golf Screen Shot This is a serious challenge that even Tiger Woods might find a little different, but we know you are up to it and will conquer the golf course in no time flat. You do need to be a bit of a tiger to conquer the course.

The game opens with a fairly easy par 3, and then you need all your skill to keep those scores low. Each hole on the Tiger Golf layout is a different challenge, with some needing all your commitment just to finish.

I didn't find Tiger Golf easy at all, but with practice, my skills improved and reflected in having lower scores.

My rating for Tiger Golf online flash game is about 4 from 5 on the Richter game scale. Will certainly keep you playing for a fair while if you don't give in.

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Tiger Golf Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Move your mouse up and down to aim
  • Hold left mouse button down, draw back from ball and release mouse button to hit
  • Don't over hit the ball, sometimes hard is not the best shot
  • Use the walls to deflect the ball to where you want it to go
  • Play Online golf games Tiger Golf!