The Scruffs Game Image. The Scruffs Online Hidden Object Game

Play The Scruffs online for free, enjoy finding hidden objects. The Scruffs game is fun puzzle adventure. Help the Scruffs family save their home. Uncover treasures that grandpa Scruff has hidden. Of course he also lost a bit of his mind so he can't tell you where the treasures are hidden, you have to find them yourself.

This is a weird and wacky wonderful game for the whole family to enjoy online, no download required.


The Scruffs Online Hidden Object Game

Play the Scruffs hidden object game. Help the Scruffs family save their home from greedy financiers who want their house sold. Where will they live if they are forced from their home!

It's up to you to search for hidden objects and come up with the cash to help them.

You can change the Scruffs lives by uncovering hidden objects, treasures that Grandpa Scruff has hidden and uncover a family secret so profound that, I won't tell you what it is because you have to play The Scruffs and find out yourself.

The Scruffs is one of the best hidden objects games to come on the market and will keep those serious about solving puzzles at it for many enjoyable hours of fun and laughs.

There are 1000's of hidden objects to find and in over 20 locations, with mind boggling mini games as an added bonus.

Now you can play The Scruffs Online for free, no download required.


The Scruffs Screen Shot. The Scruffs Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You start every level with 3 bones which have a faint glow around them to make them easier to find.
  • Each bone represents a hint you can use in the game.
  • You can earn additional hints by searching for the one extra bone that is hidden in every room.
  • Clicking randomly on the page will deduct 30 seconds from your time.
  • There 15 artifacts to be found throughout the game and 20 family photos.
  • The positions for the artifacts change but for the first level they can be found:
  • Front of the house - right side on the wall - above the 1810 on the light on the side of the house.
  • Front of the house - above the right side of the doorway, on the edge of the roof
  • Front of the house - at the bottom of the ladder
  • Family Photo:On the white door, under the mistletoe
  • No more hints as we don't want to spoil your game :)