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Play Taxi Driver online Game. It's not easy to get your taxi license in New York, yet with a bit of practice at the New York taxi driving school, and some jolly good luck, you can pass the taxi licence test.

Try this fantastic online driving game and see if your driving skills are good enough for you to become a New York taxi driver.


Taxi Driver License Test Game

Image of taxi driver game screenDrive the taxi safely around the streets of New York and pass the licence test to become a fully fledged New York taxi driver.

This is not as easy as it seems as there are turns to complete and other cars to avoid.

If you can't pass the licence test online, then there's no taxi license for you. We couldn't allow you out on those busy New York streets without passing the taxi licence test.

Follow the green arrows on the street and finish the 14 set maneuvers and you will receive your taxi license. Crash into other cars, hit obstacles or go too slow and you will be penalized.

You will also lose points if you don't follow the arrows, so it's a tough test of skill and patience. This flash game is total fun where you use the keyboard arrows to control the taxi cab.

You know you want to be New York's newest taxi driver so play taxi driver online game now.

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Taxi Driver Game Hints & Tips

  • Play the practice games first and build up your skills before attempting the test.
  • Quick keyboard reflexes is what is needed, but don't forget that the brake is your best friend.
  • When turning, use a combination of both left and right arrows to control the turn
  • Get your New York taxi drivers license online. Play Taxi Driver Online Game Now!