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Show Jumping is a fun online horse game using flash which is quick to load with good graphics. Play Show Jumping horse game online. Guide your horse over all the hurdles and remember to share this horse game with your friends.

There is some skill involved and you will need to learn the jumps course. Awesome game for all horse lovers.


Play Online Horse Game Show Jumping

Like to ride a horse? This online game is made just for you and all the other horse trainers who love show jumping. the best part of this horse game is that there is no download required.

Show jumping is a horse riding equestrian event and has been an Olympic sport since 1912. In show jumping the horse has to be guided over a series of jumps of different heights and types, with sharp turns and quick bursts of speed necessary to complete the course.

Points are given for clean jumps and of course, the horse and rider who complete the course with the least amount of penalties is declared the winner.

Now you too can be a champion show jumper and guide your horse over the jumps in the fabulous flash animated game. Play Show Jumping Horse Game Online.

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Show Jumping Horse Game Hints and Tips

  • You must complete the jumps in order, that is 1 ... 2... and so on.
  • The horse must be at a gallop to jump.
  • Don't gallop for too long as the horse gets tired and can't jump high.
  • Walk through the course on your first game to see the layout of the jumps. This will help you to know where to turn after each jump.
  • Keep trying, as your horse show jumping skill improves with each game.

Game Controls

  • Up arrow = gallop
  • Down arrow = slow down
  • Left arrow = turn left
  • Right arrow = turn right
  • Space Bar = jump

Remember, the horse must be galloping to be able to jump.