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Play Robo Slug online shooting game. Save the world from invading robots with fast and furious action. The invading robotic aliens are set to completely wipe out all human life on our planet.

You are the only human with the power to defend the earth. Take careful aim as the world depends on your shooting skill. Play Robo Slug and slug those robots with all your might.


Robo Slug 2 Screen Image Robo Slug Free Online Shooting Game

Take a moment to imagine that the world is being invaded by robotic aliens. I somehow think I have seen it before. Was it a dream, a premonition or a movie.

Whatever it was in this game it is really happening and you can help save the world.

Robots have invaded the land and you are the only one who has the guts and steady aim to save the planet. Use your weapons and great reflexes to destroy robots before they destroy the world.

Great online shooting game, Robo Slug is an enjoyable game to play with good graphics and fast paced action. For a flash game this certainly has a lot going for it and the playability (is that a real word) is enormous.

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RoboSlug Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your mouse arrows to move
  • Left click to fire Mouse
  • Scroll wheel to change weapons
  • Play Robo Slug online, no download