ravenhearst game imagePlay Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst Online

Ravenhearst Manor is an old and rundown mansion with mysteries waiting to be solved, Can you find the missing clues and uncover the truth? Play Ravenhearst online free, no download, right here at Itexpressions.com. Mystery Case Files, Ravenhearst is a fabulous hidden object game where you need a keen eye to collect all the clues.

If there's just one hidden object game that you will play, make it this one. Ravenhearst set the bar for every other game, and that standard was set high.


Play Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst Online

Screenshot of Ravenhearst hidden Object GameNow you can play Ravenhearst online and find those hidden objects so cleverly concealed. You need your wits about you to find all of them in time, but we know that you can do it.

Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst is fast becoming the most popular hide and seek game due to it's good storyline and difficult game play. There are thousands of hidden objects and 32 different rooms to play, so you can see that you will be playing this puzzle game for a long time.

You become a detective, find hidden objects and secret clues and unravel the mysteries surrounding Ravenhearst Manor.

The challenge is to make your way around the Ravenhearst mansion, picking up the cluse that will help you finish the game. No spoilers here, but the end is quite surprising. I love this game and on my large monitor, it really shows the quality.

Ravenhearst is a great game.

ravenhearst game imageMystery Case Files Ravenhearst Game Hints & Tips

  • To get into the cellar on the blueprints menu, only go into the rooms on the front tab. Once you have found all the keys on that level of the mansion the computer will automatically change your level
  • Do not change the tab that has already been opened for you or you will have to wait for time to run out and start that level again
  • Think outside the box. For example, the word "horn" could be a musical instrument or an animal's horn. An egg could be a shell, an egg over easy, or a painted egg.
  • You can click on the telephone to automatically solve a locked door challenge, but you will forfeit all remaining hints. So make sure to use up your hints before using the telephone!
  • You don't have to clear every single room to find the diary page, so if you get stuck, move to another room and come back instead of wasting a lot of time on a single clue
  • Keep an eye out for Felix the Fish (the Big Fish mascot). Click on him and you'll get the chance to enter a contest to have your own image in the next Mystery Case Files game!
  • Play Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst Online, No Download.