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Puzzle City Sim Building Game Online. Enjoy fabulous mix of puzzle play and arcade style brilliance. Build unique city, gain huge bonuses in Puzzle City building simulation game.

In the style of Sim City you must constuct your city with the people in mind. Homes, work places, shops and services are all important in this free online game.


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Puzzle City screen shot.Can you construct city buildings, refurbish old houses and completely remodel entire city blocks, then Puzzle City is the game for you.

Puzzle City adds a new twist to simulation games as you need to build houses, construct buildings by arranging color coded building blocks. A very unique game, Puzzle City will please the most fussy game player and test the I.Q of many.

Build homes, shops, factories, huge shopping malls, office blocks, schools, fire stations, everything a bustling, busy city needs. You get to play this game like a real architect and you make the decisions what goes where.

Puzzle City Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You can rotate building blocks by hitting the space bar.
  • Keep the residential areas away for the factories
  • Place a police station near factories and another between shops and residential areas to help keep crime to a minimum