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Ever have one of those ping pong bats with a ball attached to an elastic string? You had to bounce the ball as many times as you could without missing. Yeah, you know that game. Some folks called it wacker or something like that.

Online Ping Pong is similar to that except you haven't got the ball on a string. Move your bat with your mouse and keep that ball in the air. Play online Ping Pong. Awesome!


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How good are you at playing Ping Pong? Now you can test yourself against the best on the net by playing ping pong game online.

Ping Pong is a flash game totally free to play and enjoy with your friends. Set up your own championship and play a Ping Pong tournament just like the real thing.

Just added, online Ping Pong is fast becoming one of our most popular online flash games with our games visitors.

Find out how many times you can bounce the ping pong ball. Play Now!

Well we just upgraded the game, deleted the old one and now you actually play Ping Pong against another opponent. In this case it is your computer. Play Ping Pong online and win!

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Online Ping Pong Game Hints & Tips

  • To start game, position ping pong paddle underneath the hand holding the ball
  • Click left mouse button to drop ball
  • Try to hit the ball in the center of the pingpong bat so it goes straight up and down
  • Hit the ball on left side of paddle to go left
  • Right side of paddle ball goes right
  • Top of paddle ball goes to top of screen
  • Bottom of paddle ball goes toward bottom of screen
  • Adjust the line of the ball so you keep the ball always near the middle of screen
  • Play Online Ping Pong Game