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Little Pig, Litle Pig, let me blow you up! In this action packed game you are fighting other pigs, they are trying to blow you up, so to survive you have to fight back and get rid of as many of the enemy as possible. Pig Wars is lots of fun with a good challenge.

My wife said I should be right at home playing this game online. I didn't quite catch what she was saying, because of her accent and all, but I think she said that I could relate to being a pig or blowing pigs up or something like that. I don't think it was that I was related to pigs. She always says my relatives must have been monkeys because I'm always monkeying around.

Just play this game yourself. Blow a few pigs up, but don't be a hog, tell all your friends how good it is and refer a mate or two to this page.


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This online flash game, Pig Wars, allows you to use all your strategy playing skills to beat other pigs to the bombs and place them so your enemy gets blown up. If you don't succed, you will be blown up instead.

Use your keyboard controls to move around the game deck and press the space bar to drop bombs.

Here's a Pig Wars game tip:

If you can't get to the bombs first, evade the enemies bombs until the time for the level runs out and you will progress to the next level alive. Better a live pig than a dead one.

The bombs have a time limit so once you pick them up you have a short time to decide where to throw then before they blow up, so don't hang on to them for too long.

Pig Wars, it's a game of skill and lots of fun to play!


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Pig Wars Game Play Controls:

Move Left Left Arrow Key
Move Right Arrow KeyRight
Move Up Up Arrow Key
Move Down Down Arrow Key
Drop Bomps Space Bar