Paparazzi game logo imagePlay Paparazzi Hidden Object Game Online

Play Paparazzi online, find hidden objects take the photo and make great piles of money. Paparazzi is fun to play where you find hidden objects to photograph and make money selling the photographs, just like they do in real life situations.

I own a digital SLR camera, so that qualifies me as an expert photograher. This game has really taught me a few tricks so I can get those shots while hiding in bushes and stalking someone without their knowledge. I used to get locked up all the time before playing this game. The cops said I was a creep, but I was just a professional photographer doing what all good paparazzi do. Take photos without people knowing. Now you can too.

Sound like fun? Well come on and start playing Paparazzi online now. Best part is there's no download and no signup.


Paparazzi screen dump imagePlay Paparazzi Hidden Object Game Online

One of the best free online hidden object games is Paparrazi, where you are the professional photographer and have to find and snap hidden objects to make money.

You have a time limit deadline to meet with which to find each object and you are penalized if you take the wrong photo.

Paparrazi is loads of fun to play online no download, or you can opt to download free trail version free to your computer and play Paparazzi in full screen mode.

How to play Paparazzi online

  • There is an hint assistant that tells you what you need to find at the top of the game screen
  • Find hidden objects as fast as you can
  • The time meter at the top right will tell you how much time you have left
  • Use your mouse as a camera view finder
  • Left click to photograph each hidden object

Papparazzi Game Hints and Tips

  • Look for hidden objects through the viewfinder of your camera
  • Run the view finder over each object as this seems the best way to differentiate one object from another
  • Don't take the shot unless you are sure that it is one of the hidden objects as wrong shots this will cost you money
  • If you get stuck, don't worry, use the map at the bottom to skip to a new scene and you can always come back to complete the level later on
  • Use the menu button to quit
  • Play Paparazzi Hidden Object Game Online