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Playing paintball is a lot of fun and now you can play office paintball online as often as you like, and the best part is, it's free. This is a fast loading flash shooting game that will give hours of fun. Why not get your friends and play a tournament to see who is the best paintball shooter.

This isn't just a paintball game, this is office paintball. This is where you work and plot your collegues downfall so you can rise up the corporate ladder. the office is the place where you have no friends, just enemies. Get in there. Shoot those mothers.


Free Online Paintball Game

This is a good paintball game where you shoot the smilies that appear around the office. You need to be accurate to advance to the next level and each level gets more fun.

So take aim and start playing Office Paintball, an action packed shooting game for all ages.

How to play Office Paintball
Use the mouse pointer to move around the office and take aim at the smilies.
Left click to shoot the paintball at the enemy.

Office Paintball Game Hints & Tips

  • You need an accuracy level of 70% hit ratio to move to the next level.
  • You must aim and shoot your paintball quickly as each time a smilie appears it is counted toward your accuracy, whether you hit it or not, so it is better to have a shot than not at all.
  • Play Online Paintball Game Office Paintball
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