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Play Mystery Case Files Madame Fate totally free online. Hidden objects thriller game in popular series. Download free Mystery Case Files Madame Fate game, enjoy puzzle solving, finding hidden objects.

Assist a circus fortune teller and uncover a sinister murder plan in another wonderful hidden object game. Strange things do occur in the circus and it is your duty to solve a crime before it is committed.


Play Mystery Case Files Madame Fate Online

Mystery Case Files Madame Fate Screenshot imageAwesome addition to the Mystery Case Files series, Madame Fate has you helping a Fortune Teller who has foreseen her own death. You need to uncover who is out to kill her before her prediction comes true.

If you enjoyed other games in the series such as Ravenhearst Manor, Mystery Case Files Madame Fate is sure to please those hidden object aficionados among us. There are more hidden objects than ever and provides a good brain teaser to boot.

There are plenty of suspects that you have to investigate at Madame Fates circus and some fascinating characters include Lucy the Bearded Lady, Art the Carney and many others, who all have their reasons for harboring a grudge against Madame Fate.

Look into Madame Fate`s crystal ball and unearth the hidden objects that will lead you to the identity of the killer. Can you use your expert detective skills in time to save Madame Fate's life?

True to the excellent games produced under the Mystery Case Files banner, Madame Fate is a great addition to the fold and will give hours of enjoyment to all.