Mountain Bike game ImageOnline Mountain Bike Game

Play Mountain Bike Game. Ride your mountain bike over the hills and complete each level before you run out of energy. Pick up energy pills on the mountain to help you complete each stage and rack up a good score.

I love going mountain biking. The small of fresh mountain air, skinned knees and fresh flowing blood from falling off. Not to mention free rescue helicopter flights and those visits to hospital. Oh yeah, I love mountain biking.


Play Online Mountain Bike Game

Ride your BMX bike over the mountain track picking up energy pills and completing each level, in this fabulous online Mountain Bike game.

Don't fall off as you lose a life and you must complete each level before your energy runs out.

Mountain biking is a fun sport and now you can enjoy the same thrill of cross country racing playing your favorite game online. This game interface has great graphics and is made in flash so is fast loading and lots of fun.

Play Online Mountain Bike Game. Awesome!

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How to Play Mountain Bike Racing Game

  • Use the keyboard arrows to operate the game.
  • Hold down the up arrow to pedal and move forward.
  • Down arrow = brake
  • Left arrow = lean back
  • Right Arrow = lean forward

Mountain Bike Game Hints & Tips

  • Keep your eye on the power gauge. If you run out of power before completing a level you lose a life.
  • Pick up power pills along the way to help complete levels.
  • Lean forward goin uphill, lean back going down hills.
  • Have fun!