Mini Putt golf game Image. Mini Putt Online Golf Game

Mini Putt is an absolutely addictive golf game for every golf lover and even those who have never played golf in their life, love this online golf game. Make sure you bookmark this page with Mini Putt as you are sure to come back again.

Don't walk away thinking because of the graphics that this will be easy. It's nothing short of difficult and the challenge should get your adrenaline pumping and detirmination at the highest level. It's good this one.


Mini Putt Online Golf Game

Just like in the real game of golf, your objective when playing mini putt golf is simply to get the ball in the hole, in the least amount of shots.

There are plenty of obstacles just to make the game hard and as you go to each hole it gets slightly harder, but keep trying as your skill will get better each round that you play.

There are opportunities to get a hole in one and some easier holes if you position your ball right on the first shot. You will learn just how hard or how soft to hit the golf ball with experience, plus you have fun being challenged right from the first hole.

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Mini Putt Golf Game Hints & Tips:

  • It's all about trial and error, you'll never in a million years complete this game successfully in your first turn.
  • You can use the sides to bounce the ball into good positions.
  • Sometimes a small hit into position is better than a long hard putt.


  • Left click to drop the ball at the start of each hole.
  • Move your mouse mouse to aim and left click to hit.
  • The further you move your mouse behind the ball, the further the putt will travel.