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Play pool for free online. Mini Pool is just like a real game and so much fun to play. Free to play online, you can start a snooker competition with your friends to see who can be the best pool player. Play Pool online now and pot those snooker balls into the pocket.


Play Mini Pool Online Game

Mini pool is one of those online games that you can play for hours and hours. Just like a real game of snooker or pool, the challenge is to pot all the balls in the quickest time possible and build a good score.

In Mini Pool, balls have a number value which gets less as the time ticks away. For example, in the first stage the red balls start with a value of 12, which gets less as you play, so potting balls quickly is the aim.

Watch the pink ball for time factor and as that also has a score value it is a good one to get in the pocket as soon as you can. Potting the white ball costs you dearly and takes off 50 points from your score.

To play pool online, hit the start button and position your mouse cursor where you want the white ball to hit the ball you are aiming for. Hold your left mouse button down to draw back the pool cue, then let got to hit the ball. Just like the real game, use your skill as a pool player and use the angles to get the ball into the pocket.

Play pool online. It's an awesome game of skill!


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