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Test your checkers skills against Kenny Koala in this fabulous free, online checkers game. Play Koala checkers online and enjoy an ever popular classic game of free online checkers.

Enjoyable game yet not hard, which will be suitable for the new comer to the classic cherckers game.

Play Online Checkers Koala Checkers

Online checkers , or as some people know the game, draughts, is an enjoyable game that has been a popular board game for many many years. Perhaps your grandfather, or even your great grandfather played checkers and now you can play this old favorite free online.

In Koala Checkers, you get to play against the computer, who is none other than Kenny Koala, and you better watch your moves because Kenny is just waiting to swoop on your checker pieces if you make a wrong move.

But you probably have all the moves you need to beat Kenny Koala so just wait until this game loads and enjoy the excitement and challenge that a good game of checkers brings. Have Fun!

Koala Checkers screen shot Koala Checkers Hints, Tips

  • Use the mouse to point and click!
  • The game will tell you who moves first
  • All rules just like normal checkers or draughts