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Jane's Hotel is popular sim game where you help Jane build a hotel from humble beginnings to full 5 star luxury. This will be looked upon later as one of the classic games made. The production is first class and the level of user input superb.

The story plunges you into the hotel front desk manager role, where you book in guests and look after their every need. Luckily for you, things start out slow and get more and hectic as you become more experienced. Jane's Hotel is a great online game so roll up your sleeves for a dose of hard work.


Play Janes Hotel Online Sim Game

Jane's Hotel game imageCan you help Jane build the best hotel in town? Jane's Hotel is a great sim game where you get to live like a hotel mogul and take a rundown hotel and make it into something to be proud of.

Your task is to help Jane rise from a rundown 2 star hotel to the owner of a luxurious 5 star enterprise where guests are thrilled with the service, meals and quality of accommodation that you provide.

It's a life simulation game where you take Jane from rags to riches.

Jane's Hotel is a fast action game ideal for PC gamers who love a challenge. Keep your rooms clean, make delicious meals and keep the customers satisfied, that's the way to make money and then upgrade your hotel to the best in town. But there are challenges along the way.

Janes Hotel is now available to play totally free online, no download. Wait for the game to load and enjoy all the action, managing a 5 star hotel complex.

Jane's Hotel Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Make sure you keep the rooms clean or your guests will give you a bad reputation and you won't earn money.
  • As you make money, spend it on upgrading the hotel furniture and your reputation will grow.
  • Remember to water the plants if you purchase that upgrade.
  • You can click ahead and chain commands.
  • Play Jane's Hotel Online No Download