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How far can you make an animal slide in snow? Ice Slide is a fantastic online game where you beat your best distance to be the winner. Choose your favorite Antarctic character, load him into the sling shot and let it rip.

Play Ice Slide online. Fun has never been so serious.


Play Ice Slide Online Game

Ice Slide game imageHere is a fantastic fun game to play where you fire your favorite Artic creature from a slingshot and see how far you can slide it across the icy terrain.

Choose your favorite arctic animal from either a seal, a wallrus or cute penguin, load them into the catapult and let her rip.

If anyone tells you that this game is cruel to animals they are totally wrong. All the animals used in the Ice Slide game do so with their permission. We tried to pay them but they said they love it, so they will participate for free. They also stated that it is good exercise which keeps them fit for diving in the water and chasing their food.

Play as many times as you like and try and beat your best score. Ice Slide is a fun free online game so don't forget to bookmark this page so you can come again often and slide those animals as far as you can.

Playing Instructions:

  • Choose and click on your favorite animal
  • Click play
  • Click on the animal and holding your left mouse button down move the slingshot back to the left
  • Let go of the mouse button to activate the slingshot

Ice Slide Hints and Tips:

  • Sometimes the biggest animal does not slide the best
  • Don't aim too high as the animal will get stuck in the snow when landing
  • A low trajectory creates the best slide