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Challenge the best teams, score goals, play online Ice Hockey. Put on your skating boots and take to the rink in preparation for the best game you have played in years. tough as nails, the opposition awaits to take you on and challenge you in those awesome online battle.


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Now here is a flash game that certainly isn't in the dinky games category. Online Ice Hockey is a fast thrilling test of skill that will keep you and your friends amused for some time.

Play against the computer and try your hand at getting the puck into the back of the net. Don't muck about because the opposition are pretty good at scoring goals.

Ice Hockey has good graphics, is smooth to play and responsive to your commands. After a bit of practice you will be skiing around the Ice Hockey rink with the skill of an Olympic Champion.

Certainly worth playing, I found online Ice Hockey fun and the real good part is it's free with no download required.

Play online Ice Hockey game below.