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Play Free Hidden Object Games Online No Download

Search for cleverly disguised items and solve mysterious puzzles in one of online games best category. Enjoy the totally free adventures and have fun locating hidden items and solving complex mysteries online no download, no registration.

These are the best free games where you enjoy finding objects to solve riddles and puzzles, using those items to open doors, drawers and cleverly concealed items that you need to interact with in some way to further your progress through the game.

We update this page regularly and add new games, so come back often for the latest and greatest challenges available.


Play Free Hidden Object Games Online No Download

Awesome investigations await where you must use your cognitive skills to solve complex mysteries. These titles are great developments to the popular genre and are definitely ones to spend some time delving into complex mysteries. Simply enjoy the challenge of finding hidden objects online.

The only downside we have noticed is the fact that the size of the game screen limits your appreciation of the scenes. Download the game, play it in full screen mode and it is awesome detail.

Free Online Hidden Object Games are totally absorbing and suitable for all the family. Some involve solving puzzles as well as searching scenes for hidden items. Some games are evolving to include using objects that you find to open door, drawers or are used somehow to further your progress using hidden items within scenes.

The Games Below Are Free To Play Online.

Romance of Rome imageRomance of Rome
Rise to nobility in ancient Rome. Marry the Emperors daughter.
Lost on hidden island imageLost on Hidden Island
You are sole survivor of plane crash. Search for hidden items to find your escape.
Annies Millions game ImageAnnies Millions
What a wonderful world it would be if you had millions of dollars to spend on a shopping spree.
Treasure Seekers ImageTreasure Seekers The Enchanted Canvases
Find hidden items to free your brother from a cursed medieval castle.
The Tudors Game ImageThe Tudors
Become a political spy for King Henry VIII. Exist in the world of royal scandals, espionage, betrayal and treason. Yet be careful or it's off with your head!
Sultans Labyrinth ImageThe Sultan's Labyrinth
Set in ancient Persia, find objects solve riddles and puzzles, earn the hand of the Sultan's daughter.
Youda Legend ImageYouda Legend - The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond
Search Amsterdam for the legendary Amsterdam Diamond. Lift a terrible curse.
Steve the Sheriff ImageSteve the Sheriff
Help Steve the Sheriff clean up the town of Neptuneville. Solve town crime spree.
Sprill and rithchie adventures In time ImageSprill & Ritchie Adventures In Time
Travel back and forth in a time machine with lovable characters Sprill and Ritchie.
Samantha Swift ImageSamantha Swift and the Hidden Rose of Anthena
As Samantha Swift, brilliant archeologist and heroic adventurer, you find some artifacts that could prove to be the biggest find in history. Be quick or someone else could find it first.
Resue at Rajini Island ImageRescue At Ranjini Island
Search an uninhabited island for the missing Captain Walsh and his entire crew.
Natalie Brooks game ImageNatalie Brooks Secrets of Treasure House
Save your house from demolition. Seek and find clues to solve mystery and uncover an evil plot.
Miss Teri tale ImageMiss Terri Tale Vote 4 Me
Help Writer Miss Teri Tale get elected as Peeking town Mayor.
Secret of Margrave Manor ImageThe Secret of Margrave Manor
Play as Edwina Margrave and uncover the Secret of Margrave Manor to solve your grandfathers disappearance.
Margrave Manor Game ImageMargrave Manor 2 The Lost Ship
You must search for clues to solve the mystery at Margrave Manor after your uncle's ship miraculously re-appears after more than 10 years lost at sea.
The Scruffs ImageThe Scruffs
They are weird and wacky and need your help. Save The Scruffs family home from greedy financiers.
Azada game Azada
A spell has been cast, you need to solve many riddles to free poor Titus.
Azada Ancient Magic game ImageAzada Ancient Magic
You are needed by Titus once again to break evil spells placed by Argus.
Big City ImageBig City Adventure Sydney
Australia's largest city has many things to hide. Find hidden objects in famous places.
Dream Chronicals imageDream Chronicles
The town of Wish has an evil spell that must be broken. Find objects and solve puzzle to break the spell and free the town.
Dream Day Wedding Planner ImageDay Dream Wedding Planner
Plan your friends wedding, but where are all the items you need?
Hidden expedition everest thumb imageHidden Expedition Everest Is Awesome
Travel the world to collect hidden objects to use on your attempt to climb the challenge of MT Everest.

Hidden Expedition Titanic ImagePlay Hidden Expedition Titanic
The Titanic sank with all it's treasures and secrets. Dive the wreck of the Titanic and retrieve hidden items.

Madam Fate ImageMystery Case Files Madame Fate Online
A fortune Teller has foreseen her own fate, but cannot identify the killer. Search hidden objects for clues before the killer strikes.

Ravenhearst thumb imagePlay Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst Online
Uncover the Mystery of Ravenhearst Manor. Some rate this as the best hidden object game of all.

Mystery Case Files HuntsvilleMystery Case Files Huntsville
Solve a crime spree in the town of Huntsville. Another great mystery game.

Paparazzi imageBecome a Professional Paparazzi
Take photographs of hidden objects and earn a living as a paparazzi.
Righteous Kill Hidden Object Game ImageRighteous Kill
Based on a movie, you play the role of a New York CSI Detective to trap a serial Killer.
Rome ImagePlay Rome Curse of the Necklace
Fabulous 360 degree panorama of ancient Rome tourist attractions. Find hidden items among Rome's ruins.
Stone of Destiny game imageThe Stone of Destiny Online Game!
Solve the mysterious disappearance of your uncle. Unlock The Stone of Destiny.
Lucky Clovers Game ImageLucky Clovers
Get the luck of the Irish. Find lucky 4 leaf clovers in field.
Fashion Finds GameFashion Finder Secrets Of Fashion
Enter the glamorous world of high fashion. Beat your best times.

Play free hidden object games online no download. You can have a wonderful experience with these free games yet we quickly admit that playing best hidden object games on a large screen is always a better experience than the online versions.

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